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Oriental and Man made Rug Cleaning

Rugs vary not only in size but in quality as well. Many Oriental style rugs are machine made from man made fibers. Others can be machine made using natural materials like wool. The finest Orientals are hand woven using natural fibers from all over the world. Executive Carpet Care will choose the right cleaning method for your individual rug including Hot Water Extration,Low Moisture Cleaning or Dry Cleaning. We also can give special attention to the fringes. A special solution of Hatian Cotton Cleaner can be hand applied to the fringes thoroughly cleaning and whitening..

Defining Persian/Oriental Rugs

The term Oriental/Persian Rug originally described hand-knotted pile rugs woven in Asia and the Near East. Now it describes hand-knotted pile rugs, where ever made, plus flat-woven rugs of Asia and the Near East.

Most rugs are hand-knotted and have a pile. The exceptions are flatweaves such as kilims and soumaks which have neither a pile nor knots. An Oriental/Persian rug with a pile has the same design on the back as it has on the front and has uneven edges. Each dot of colour on the back generally represents a knot. The back of a machine-made rug has a shadowy pattern and very straight sides.

In Persia weaving is ranked alongside painting, architecture, sculpture and ceramics. It is also Persia's biggest export.

Persian Oriental rugs are considered to be of the highest quality for both hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs.

A brief introduction to the making of hand knotted Persian rugs from the fine city pieces to the tribal and village carpets. The crafts men and women that make the hand knotted oriental rugs are using skills that have been handed down generation after generation. These skills determine the fine quality of a finished oriental rug. Here we will briefly explore some of the techniques
used to produce the different rugs.


Where are Persian/Oriental Rugs made

The term "Persian Rugs" applies to all hand knotted Rugs produced in Iran. The majority of oriental rugs, among them the finest of their kind, come from Iran. Persian and all other oriental rugs - apart from kelims - consist of three elements, warp, pile and weft.

How are Persian/Oriental Rugs made
Persian rugs comprise three main elements: the warp, the pile, and the weft. The warp refers to the threads that run the length of the rug. During manufacture these threads are stretched parallel between the two horizontal beams of the loom. Usually cotton is used for the warp, although nomadic oriental rug makers often use wool. With pure silk carpets, the warp is also made from silk thread.



Here are some basic tips for caring for your area rug

Rotate your rugs at least once a year to even out effects of the sun and to prevent uneven wear. Depending on traffic, the rotation may vary from six months to two years. Experts recommend turning the rugs 180 degrees. Consider swapping rugs from one room to another. This may just invigorate your d?cor, and it will rejuvenate the life of your carpet.

Avoid constant direct exposure of your rug to sunlight.

Clean spills right away to avoid discoloration.

Vacuum a couple of times per week to get rid of loose dirt and bring back life to the fibers. Be sure not to vacuum the loose fringe. Vacuum both the face and the back of your rug. Vacuuming is the best way to clean a rug: hanging it outside and banging it with a broom or stick will eventually ruin it.

Be sure to use a rug cleaning expert for professional cleaning, especially deep cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning increases the life of the carpeting and improves air quality, reducing allergies and illness.

As a rug buyer you must keep certain things in mind to get the service you expect from your selection:
Always lay rugs or carpets on smooth surfaces.
Cut loose yarns or tufts even with the rest of the pile. Never pull them, as they would have escaped the shearing of the pile in the factory.
Have holes and tears repaired promptly and by a professional.
Be aware that the first few cleanings of machine made rugs with cut pile surfaces will produce large rolls of fluff.

The deeper the pile the more difficult and the more important it is to clean your rug meticulously to the very roots of the tufts, or else fine grit will become entrenched and grind through the fibers at their base.

Caring for your area rug also involves keeping a coarse mat in front of the door to stop dirt from being tracked inside of the house, and shedding your shoes when you enter. Keep a shoe mat right inside the front door and have family members and guests take off their shoes before proceeding through the house.

To reduce carpet indentations, move your furniture every so often. Dab an ice cube on the spot until the fibers bounce back.

Alot of people interchange between do-it-yourself cleaning and professional cleaning. BEWARE Do it yourself machines and in experienced cleaners will ruin your rug.


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